Rosemary Essential Oil 2 oz  by Frontier

Rosemary Essential Oil 2 oz by Frontier

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Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Suggested Uses: Nurturing hair oil: 5 drops rosemary, 2 drops lavender, 1 tbsp jojoba oil. Enhance memory: Waft open bottle under nose.
Safety Info: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Dilute properly. Avoid if pregnant. People with high blood pressure should avoid. People with epilepsy should avoid.
Product Notes:
Type: Tunisian/Moroccan
Color: Clear, colorless to pale yellow
Viscosity: Mobile
Top Note: Fresh, short-lived
Middle Note: Woody-herbaceous, minty-forest-like, balsamic camphoraceous
Dry Note: Less tenacious, camphoraceous
Aromatherapy Actions: Clarifying, invigorating, warming
Safety Data: Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing. Avoid during pregnancy, if epileptic or with high blood pressure.
Regulatory Status: GRAS 182.20

Origin: Tunisia
Sourcing Notes: Aura Cacia rosemary oil is distilled from rosemary grown and harvested in the mountains of Tunisia. The women are responsible for hand-harvesting the rosemary between March and July and then carrying the cut rosemary down the mountainsides on donkeys to the men who work in the distilleries. The heat for the distillation process comes from burning the "spent" (already processed) rosemary material as fuel.
Processing Notes: Essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fresh flowering tops.
Common Name: Rosemary
Form: Essential Oil
Bar Code: 0-51381-91190-4
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